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2010 Spring Urgent Care Convention
May 25-28
Orlando, Florida
February 22, 2010

Horizon Radiology signs contract with Oklahoma hospital

Success Story

How do Horizon Radiology's services and proprietary RIS system (RadRequest) support your facility and integrate into your workflow? Here's an example:

On one particularly chaotic day, your physicians and radiologists are busy providing expert patient care when a serious car accident nearby results in multiple trauma patients awaiting urgent medical attention. Your dedicated team is suddenly overwhelmed with demands for physical exams and imaging studies.

By partnering with Horizon Radiology, we can assist in situations such as this. Once the imaging study is performed, your technician transmits the study to Horizon by using your facility's existing equipment. The patient data is then entered by the technician into our proprietary RIS system (RadRequest) in the form of a consult request. The consult request is immediately added to the radiologists' work queue.

Next, a Horizon radiologist accesses the images, interprets the study and prepares a comprehensive report. The report is electronically transmitted to your facility. Within minutes, the attending physician treating the car accident victims has the answers necessary to make a complete diagnosis and begin treatment.

Best of all, if there are any problems transmitting or receiving images, the Horizon Radiology technical support team is available 24/7 and just a phone call away.